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Uxbridge English Dictionary

Updated to s71e06

This dictionary is in alphabetical order. Sometimes, in the show itself, some amusement is generated by the juxtaposition of several words in succession, for instance Stalagmite, followed by Doodlebug and Dynamite (q.v.), but such comic effect is lost in this edition.

When a word is used more than once, each different definition is included (1,2, etc.). In cases where definitions are similar, only the best one (in my personal opinion) is used.

I have occasionally used my editorial discretion to alter definitions slightly where the original on radio did not look "right" in text.

Some of the comparisons used in the introduction to the round of "Uxbridge English Dictionary" (previously "New Definitions") have been included, but only where they seem to fit in with the concept of the dictionary. Many were not useable in this way.