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Latest updated on 17 May 2018

The following are links to various projects of mine, in various states of completion...

Bell Ringing Pages
Various pages related to bell ringing.
Hell Drivers
Photographs from my album of memories from the summers of 1977 and 1978, when I "ran away" to join a Hell Drivers show.
My Grandmother as a Suffragette
The story of how my grandmother got into one of Asquith's politial meetings.
The Cruise of the Dondevoy
In 1972 I took an extended trip on the canals in an old converted rowing boat. The Cruise of the Dondevoy is my diary of that journey, written at the time during my travels.
Bernard Newsam's Universal Time
My father, the late Bernard Newsam (b.1913 d.1994), held some unique views on the nature of time and space. In particular he maintained that conventional three-dimensional space is an artefact of the human mind, and that (in his own words) "time is the actual stuff of extension of the universe". Various documents about Bernard, his life and his work are presented here.
Archives of Radio Shows
Collections of various radio shows ( Goon Show, Hello Cheeky, ISIHAC, ISIRTA, Just A Minute, Million Pound Radio Show, Navy Lark, News Quiz ) in mp3 format, playable online.
Bleak Water
Photographs taken to illustrate the novel Bleak Water, by Danuta Reah.
La Cloche du Couvent
A charming piano piece by J.Ascher, in a MIDI file.
Kashmiri Song
Amy Woodforde-Finden's Kashmiri Song, copied from a 78 disc, before processing with Audacity, and after.
Various Documents to Download
Downloadable documents that I make available for public use
Sheffield Traffic Information
Special Google Maps page showing live traffic information, centred on Sheffield.